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Rental Mountain gear

Choose your gear & quantity
Prices are shown below.
Walking axe
Strong and durable hiking axe for ice and mountain hiking. Great anchoring and support abilities.
ISK 890 / Daily price
Strong and durable crampons for ice climbing, with 10 sharp spikes . Fits all boots sizes 36-45.
ISK 890 / Daily price
Climbing harness
Climbing and walking harness for ice climbing, including a carabine.
ISK 890 / Daily price
Hiking poles
Lightweight hiking poles with adjustable height from 90 - 120 cm. Good foam grips.
ISK 690 / Daily price
Avalanche beacon
Avalanche safety beacon for your mountain skiing and winter hiking adventures.
ISK 3,890 / Daily price
Avalanche probe
Avalanche probe, compact and light.
ISK 1,290 / Daily price
Mountain shovel
Light, strong and compact aluminium mountain shovel.
ISK 1,290 / Daily price
Avalanche Safety (beacon, probe & shovel)
Weekend rental "Hin heilaga þrenning" From Friday - Monday, 3 day rental
ISK 12,000 / One off (per rental charge)